Why Communication is So Important to Employees

February 4, 2020

Why Communication is So Important to Employees

Two-way communication is the key for true benefits to flourish in an organization. However, this important two-way street often gets lost in the noise of the workday.

According to recent research, 97 percent of employees believe that open communications has a direct effect on the quality of their work. Communication and transparency in the workplace has a very positive impact on an organization's success, but only if it is truly part of the company's DNA. Keeping employees informed, at all levels, while maintaining an open door, allows them to share their ideas. This creates positivity, boosts morale, creativity and empowerment. Following are more reasons why communication is so important to employees:

Good Communication Improves Workplace Morale:

An organization thrives when there’s an open exchange between employees and management. This also creates synergies through the creation of new relationships that can bring new success to an organization.

Engaged employees are happier, more fulfilled, and have a better understanding and buy-in of the company's goals and mission. Communication is more than just talking, it is about connecting people, so they can work together more effectively. Morale is directly bound to openness and honest communication. This can bind employees together and make a work environment more positive. Employees that can communicate openly with their colleagues and management are more enthusiastic about their work environment.

Good Communication Results in Creative Thought:

Encouraging creativity at work is the key to a successful organization. Ideas must be celebrated even if they aren’t (currently) pertinent. Creativity is the basis of innovation. When leaders create an open environment where ideas and "out of the box" thinking is welcome, employees will feel comfortable and safe while brainstorming and sharing their ideas leading to more creativity. It's a win, win situation! Strong communication is also helpful for leaders to gain more information about their teams and to acquire powerful insights about their employees' creative talents and leadership skills.

Good Communication Creates A Trusting Environment:

Trust is something that is developed and earned over a period of time. Strong and continual open communication is necessary to create and maintain a trusting environment. Employees gain trust when they are kept in the loop about what is happening in the company. Employees who trust their management and their colleagues will feel safer and more confident. This results in even better communication, stronger teams, higher productivity and improved morale.

Good Communication Reduces Conflict:

Poor communication can create a snowball effect of negativity among teams causing individuals to remove themselves from the team effort because, "their input doesn't count anyway," Keeping a strong line of communication throughout the entire organization and nurturing the two-way street mentioned above, will reduce this conflict from happening in the first place.

Good Communications Improves Customer Relationships:

Many organizations rely on their employees to be the connection to their customers. Strong communication within an organization empowers employees to create strong relationships with their customers and make informed decisions so their customers feel understood and satisfied. This is imperative whether there is a happy, long time customer looking for future business or a newer, unhappy customer who needs to have their problem resolved. Good communication skills are crucial for future business.

It is very important to communicate with employees openly, so they can communicate with you and others that have connections with your organization. Good communication is the foundation to innovation, great customer relationships, team development, employee engagement, and an organization's overall success. Consolidated Personnel Services (CPS) knows the importance of communication within an organization and is ready to help you grow your business every step of the way.

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