What is a Professional Employer Organization And What Do They Offer?

October 8, 2019

What is a Professional Employer Organization And What Do They Offer?

Owning and operating a successful business is a stressful yet rewarding way to make a living. Keeping the human resources aspect of your business running properly, such as payroll, procedure development, performance management, and workers' compensation can be overwhelming. In some cases, these elements of running a business will turn a potential business owner away from the prospect of owning their own company. Thankfully, there is help available that will take care of those less than enjoyable aspects of running a business in the form of professional employer organization as we provide at Consolidated Personnel Services. The following is an outline of what these services provide to you as a busy professional:

We Handle Employee Training And Provide HR Services

When it comes time to hire new employees, one of the most stressful elements of the hiring process is training and educating new employees on the ins and out of the business. Thankfully, many personnel services will provide this important element of staff training for your new employees, freeing you up to keep your business running and operating as it should, and allowing new employees to transition from training to a fully productive employee seamlessly. This can include customized employee handbooks as well as harassment training for both supervisors and employees. In essence, these services can become like your own personal HR department for your company, without having to employ those individuals full time.

We Help You Make Your Business Operate Smoother

Personnel services often offer performance management as well as performance appraisals. By managing this task, this valuable service will properly and thoroughly review the performance of all employees, ensuring everyone on your payroll is earning their income. It also allows you to recognize and identify those employees who are underpaid or underappreciated, giving you the ability to offer raises or compensation to keep you hard-working employees happy.

We Take Care of Complicated Insurance and Payroll Tasks

Unless you are a CPA, you likely don’t understand how to set up your employee’s payroll properly. After all, the amount of taxes that needs to come out of each employee’s pay for taxes and the amount you should add to workers’ compensation insurance can be confusing to say the least. Thankfully, many personnel services offer payroll and tax administration services as well as setting up and overseeing workers’ compensation payments and claims. In other words, they handle all the confusing, complicated aspects of paying your employees, while ensuring you as well as your employees are paying the proper amount of taxes and are not hoodwinked at tax time by an unexpected bill.

We Oversee Workers’ Compensation Claims

As mentioned briefly above, personnel services can provide workers’ compensation claims services, meaning they oversee, handle and orchestrate everything to do with a workers’ compensation claim. This ensures you as the business owner are in good standing and do what is necessary on your end for your employee to receive any deserved compensation after an injury. Their knowledge of the process will also protect your business from faulty claims that will cost your business time and money. You can leave any and all workers’ compensation matters into the expert hands of a personnel service provider.

We Provide Risk Management Services

Any worthwhile personnel service company will also likely offer some sort of risk management service. This service looks at your business with an accident prevention aspect in mind. This evaluation of your business will ensure you have adequate safety programs in place as well as proper employee training and development, and all elements of your business are OSHA compliant, meaning your business is as safe as possible. This service will save you money long-term as it can prevent your employees from becoming injured on the job due to lack of education or safety measures.

We Offer Staffing Services

Some employee personnel services will also provide your business with staffing services, such as employee screening, recruitment, interview training and more. Outsourcing this task to a personnel service will save you the time, hassle, and stress-related to finding the right employees, hiring them and then educating them on company-specific policies.

Why These Services Are Worthwhile For You as a Business Owner

Unfortunately, as with all things in life, there is a cost involved in personnel services. Yes, you will have to pay a company to come alongside your business and provide the services outlined above. However, when you consider the fact that this one service, in essence, takes the place of an entire human resource department, a tax professional and a payroll specialist, among other services, it is actually much more cost-effective to outsource these services instead of keeping them in-house. Also, with regard to the performance evaluations, personnel services can make your business more profitable and increase your bottom line, making these services extremely valuable.

What to Look For in Any Professional Employer Organization

Now that you see the benefits of such a service, you want to ensure you are hiring a professional organization when turning over your business’s HR and employee organizational tasks. Look for companies with several years of experience in the industry, as well as one that will customize payroll and other services to your specific business. It’s also a great idea to team up with a service that offers bilingual materials and resources to your employees.

Your Next Step: Hire a PEO

After reading the above information, you have likely seen the value in hiring a personnel service company (PEO). Contact us at Consolidated Personnel Services to learn more about how we can help your business save money and increase productivity and safety through these various services.

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