How to Attract the Right Employees

February 4, 2020

How to Attract the Right Employees

Employee turnover is part of owning or managing a business. Regardless of any retention strategies that your company has in place, you can't blame employees for seeking better opportunities elsewhere when they arise. But it's what you do next to fill any job vacancies that arguably matters most when it comes to keeping your operations running smoothly without skipping a beat. This is especially true when you consider that hiring the wrong employee can cost employers up to $50,000 when you combine factors such as lost productivity, employee training and more. That isn't chump change, regardless of how large or small your company is — and it helps provide further context on the importance of attracting, then hiring, the right employees that fit your company's culture.

So how can you attract employees that fit your business? It all starts with communicating your culture the right way in advertised job descriptions. In this post, we'll take a closer look at how to best communicate your company's culture in job postings as well as other tips you can implement when it comes to attracting, and then making offers to, the candidates that best fit your company mold.

How to Write an Impactful Job Posting

Often, the first impression that a would-be employee has of your company is what's communicated in the job posting that they see. Think about the last job posting you saw for a moment. What did it include? Perhaps a description of the job, the salary range, a contact to send your resume to, information on offered benefits and retirement savings plans? These are all factors that potential workers expect from a company. It's what you do to go beyond the typical job posting that can really pay dividends in attracting the best people for your company. Hence, this presents itself as a great opportunity to provide further information and links to other resources that make it easy for the candidate to research the organization more. On this note, here's a look at some of the other information we strongly suggest communicating in the job description:

  • Awards or accolades: A great way to pump up your company and its culture is to highlight any recent third-party awards or recognitions that it has received in recent years. These may include honors for community involvement, workplace culture, employee excellence, "best places to work" honors, etc.
  • Links to your company website and any social media channels that it has a presence on.
  • An embedded video with a message from the CEO or President about why the company is an ideal place to work.
  • An easy-to-read infographic about why working at your company beats working at other similar companies.
  • Core values or company mantras.
  • Fringe benefits that go beyond what someone would expect an employer to offer.

Communicating Your Culture

Make company culture public.

It sounds like a simple thing to communicate to would-be job candidates. Yes, you can highlight company culture and competitive advantages in the job description, but there are so many other ways to effectively communicate this to the workers you're striving to reach. Here's a closer look at some open communication tactics to deploy when it comes to ensuring a great culture is synonymous with your company:

  • Social media: Use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media channels not just to highlight the successes of your company, but highlight the benefits of working for your company. Think about it: When candidates are doing research on your company to see if there's a good fit, your social media channels are likely high on the list of places they'll explore. Hence, if they're able to see interesting information (e.g., volunteer and charitable efforts), witness its core values and go beyond just seeing the products or services that it offers in action, it's bound to leave a favorable impression. If you don't invest in your social media channels in a valuable manner, we'd strongly suggest starting today.
  • Host job fairs or open houses: These events aren't just a great way to stockpile resumes and identify high-quality candidates, but they also provide an avenue for would-be employees to interact with management and tour your company's offices before starting the formal interview process. It's a great way to break the ice with candidates that would make for a good fit with your company. It's also an ideal way to give candidates a feel for where they'll be working, the type of atmosphere and the dynamic between upper management and other employees.
  • Highlight your company's competitive advantages: We're not just talking about what separates your company's services or products from that of your competitors, but what makes your company an ideal place to work. You can communicate this at job fairs, during the interview process and on your company website. Some things you may want to specifically focus on may include any diversity and inclusion efforts, charitable giving and community involvement, profit sharing and other benefits that go beyond what the average company offers, employee collaboration, team-building opportunities and more.

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