How CPS, Inc. Helped Employers Through COVID-19

October 26, 2020

How CPS, Inc. Helped Employers Through COVID-19

COVID-19 brought along a host of challenges for businesses all over America. From mandatory closures to new mandates to follow, there was a plethora of information to sort through. Thankfully, companies who had partnered with us at Consolidated Personnel Services were in good hands, both in terms of information and actionable steps they were able to take to keep their doors open throughout the issues brought on by the global pandemic. We have outlined some notable benefits that Consolidated Personnel Services provided to the businesses who utilize our PEO services below:

Consistent Communication

As the challenges of COVID-19 began sweeping the nation, we communicated consistently by providing pertinent information in a timely fashion to the businesses using our services. This includes weekly email blasts that outlined various information pertaining to important topics like the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act (PPPFA), the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA), and the Social Security Deferral Program. We also provided HR guidance on topics such as COVID-19 testing, disciplinary actions for COVID-19 related issues, layoffs/furloughs, and applicable reopening procedures. In addition, CPS, Inc. handled unemployment claims for our valued clients, helping them navigate this unknown time as easily as possible. 

Navigating the Implementation of Federal Programs (PSL/EFMLA)

At CPS, Inc., we helped our clients by creating customized tracking methods for Emergency Paid Sick Leave (PSL) along with the Expanded FMLA (EFMLA). We also ensured all our clients followed the proper guidelines of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA). 

We completed weekly audits of EFMLA and PSL wages, which ensured our clients received any applicable and available credits through the FFCRA. Weekly audits included documentation, ensuring clients met all the document guidelines. The guidelines for many of the federal aid programs were anything but straightforward. Thankfully, our clients were given valuable guidance that ensured they knew how to implement the PSL and EFMLA into their businesses. 

CPS, Inc. provided clients with posters, as required by law, to be posted in an area in which can be seen by all employees. We also allowed clients to have access to their EFMLA and PSL credits in one payroll instead of making them wait until the end of the quarter to claim applicable credits. In addition, we ensured our clients had all the updates on EFMLA and PSL as soon as they were released from the DOL and IRS. 

PPP Loan Guidance

PPP loans were a big part of making it through the toughest part of the pandemic shutdowns. CPS, Inc. made sure clients understood everything they needed to know about PPP loans and how to secure them by providing them with the necessary reports needed to obtain a PPP loan. On average, we had these reports to them within 24 hours of their requests. We also provided valuable guidance on how they could use the loan, and explained how much of the loan they could use towards payroll costs. 

Consolidated Personnel Services provided the necessary reports for clients to complete the PPP forgiveness application and the PPP Loan EZ forgiveness application. We assisted clients in calculating their payroll costs, helping them determine their eligibility for PPP loan forgiveness. In addition, we helped them determine what non-payroll costs could be applicable for PPP loan forgiveness. 

Finally, along with many other services that helped our clients continue to run their businesses throughout the COVID-19 crisis, we provided clients with updates on PPP loan information as soon as it was released by the SBA or IRS, used questionnaires to determine if a client qualified for EZ Forgiveness or the Full Forgiveness application, and renewed reports before sending them to clients so they knew if they needed to get additional documentation. 

Bottom Line

The above is just a synopsis of what we provided our clients throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Partner with a PEO to ensure your business stays on top of these and any other issues affecting your business. Our goal is to help our clients and their businesses thrive, not just survive through this unprecedented time. Contact Dawn Hove at to learn more about our many PEO services

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